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History about Anjana Desai in Gujarat

During the colonial era, the ruling prince of Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad, ruled much of the north Gujarat region. The ruler often awarded the last name ‘Desai’ to the group of people who demonstrated outstanding services to their communities. The Anjanas who got ‘Desai’ award retained their last name as ‘Desai’.
Anjana Desai of Gujarat are primarily cultivators and hence usually land owners.
They mostly live in the Mehsana and Sabarkantha district. Those districts have many Anjana Desai villages like Kheralu, Mudeti, Vasai, Kadiyadra, Bhadresar etc. where a sizeable population lives.

Kuldevi Arbuda Mata

According to the Bhat and Charan history books, the origin of the Anjana Chaudhary is related to the eight sons of Sahastraarjun. When Parashurama set out to kill the Kshatriyas, he came to Sahastraarjun, who was a powerful Kshatriya king, and killed him and 92 of his sons in battle. The remaining eight sons were protected by the goddess Arbuda, on Mount Abu. Parashurama did not hurt them on the condition that they give up their shastra (weapons). Arbuda assured Parashurama that the Kshatriyas would never again wield a weapon but instead serve Mother Earth. Thereafter they took up agriculture and are found in various parts of India to this day. Arbuda is the kuldevi of Anjana Chaudhari.
It is believed that the origin of the caste’s name comes from the goddess Anjani Mata, the mother of Hanuman, as the Anjana caste members were followers of the goddess.

Stories of Bravery and Heroism

Anjanas are naturally warlike and aggressive in battle, and possess qualities like courage, loyalty, Hardworking, self-sufficiency, physical strength, fighting tenacity, and military strategy.
There are numerous undocumented episodes on bravery of Anjanas. Also, women fought alongside of their men. Land of North Gujarat and Rajasthan are strewn with memorial stones marking the deaths of brave Anjanas.

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